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New to CME. Need help with two FXO Connections to two SIP Peers.

Hello Experts and thanks in advance for your assistance.

  I have been tasked with providing remote phone capabilities to these two deployable kits that we have.  These kits have Internet connectivity and will establish a VPN connection back to our internal network.  I need to be able to dedicate one PSTN connection from the internal network to each kit.  The PSTN connections are up and operational and the phones can dial outbound, the problems that I am having is that the CME router uses a random FXO port when the calls are made.   In each kit there will be a VoIP phone and a Fax machine connected to a FXS port.  Is there any way to have a hunt group or just basic forwarding to the FAX if the VoIP phone goes unanswered.  Which would be best?  My main confusion is how to tie the PSTN number to a sip partner.  I have attached a basic network diagram, i can verify the SIP Peers work as I can make calls from and two the phones across the sip peer.  Through the use of COR I have been able to tie one PSTN to one VoIP phone connected locally to the PSTN router, which would work fine with having a VOIP phone register over the VPN, but when the FAX was added I utilized the SIP Peer and tried to utilize the FXS and I am having trouble.  Didn't know if COR was the best path and thought i would ask here.  IP connectivity is verified.


3X Cisco 2811 with CME 7.1

I am open to all suggestions.

Thanks very much for the assistance.

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