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Next Routing Rule in Unity Connection 11.5.1

Pulling my hair out. I have a team that wants to play the Standard greeting from a Call Handler, then when Caller Input 1 is selected, they want to play ANOTHER message, and then transfer to an outside # (on-duty cell phone).


I get the first 2 parts to work by sending the call to Call Handler 1, Playing the 1st greeting and configuring Caller Input 1 to route to Call Handler #2; Call Handler #2 plays the pre-transfer message. But then I keep getting the main Unity login prompt after the pre-transfer message. I have all the transfer rules set to use the external #. AND, I CAN get the transfer to work if I select "attempt transfer" in Call Handler #1 - but then it bypasses the pre-transfer greeting.  I even added the external # as "allowed" in all Unity restriction tables and temporarily allowed "*" and "9+*", etc., for testing. I still only circle back to the Unity login prompt if I play the pre-transfer greeting in Call Handler #2. Aaah!   I think at this point my only choice is to actually set up a TOD in the Call Manager itself, which I don't know how to do (well, let's say I tried a Test TOD in the CM and it doesn't work, sooo...).


Any ideas??


Call Flow


         Call Handler 1 Plays Greeting>Caller Input Opt 1>Call Handler 2>Plays Greeting (pre-transfer msg)>Unity Login Prompt


Desired Call Flow

   DID>CFA to VM

        Call Handler 1 Plays Greeting>Caller Input Opt 1>Call Handler 2>Plays Greeting (pre-transfer msg)>Xfer caller out to duty cellphone # (or would settle for on-switch xfer to an extension I can forward to the duty cellphone)


Re: Next Routing Rule in Unity Connection 11.5.1

Answered my own question. Figured out that I need to have an empty greeting enabled, then point the post-greeting action to the next call handler's greeting. In that SECOND call handler, I play the greeting (this would be the pre-transfer greeting), then in that call handler, I point the post-greeting action BACK TO ITSELF, so post-greeting action is "call handler" and loops to itself, but this time instead of going to Greetings, I selected "attempt transfer". This results in a handoff from the 1st call handler to the 2nd call handler, plays the pre-transfer message, then once it plays, it loops back, attempts transfer, and uses the "next routing rule" which is the external on-call cellphone. Works great.

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