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No Authentication Proxy Rights


I am trying to implement Click2Dial for an Intranet using a proxy user. The intent is that when a user clicks on a phone number link, the call is made automatically using the proxy user's credentials. I am trying the following three different methods of making a call from code:

1) The classic ASP example provided in the Cisco SDK which does an XML push

2) An ASP.NET equivalent of the classic ASP example which also does an XML push

3) ASP.NET code which calls the makeCallSoap function

All three methods work if I use my personal user id and password. However, when I try using the proxy user, I get a different error depending on which method I try:

1) Access Denied

2) 401 Unauthorized

3) Return Code 3, Return Description “No Authentication Proxy Rights”

I know that the password for the proxy user is correct, because I get a different error if I send a wrong password (also because I can log into the Web Dialer using the proxy user.) Also, the proxy user has been configured according to the instructions outlined in "Cisco Unified Communications Manager Features and Services Guide, Release 5.0."

Any thoughts as to why my proxy user results in the errors I am getting?

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If you want all users that are added in this transaction to be able to log on to a phone on behalf of someone else, check the Enable Authentication Proxy Rights check box. Users with authentication proxy rights enabled represent "super users" or "admin users" who act as the single point of authentication through which all users connect for extension mobility. You must perform

further configuration in Application Administration on the Cisco CRA server. Note You cannot disable existing authentication proxy rights for users by unchecking the Enable Authentication Proxy Rights check box.

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