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No Dialtone on FXS ports on MGCP VG202

Hi All,

I have configured a VG202 gateway using MGCP on my CUCM version 8.5.I have also configured a Analog port which shows as registered on my CUCM.

However, I am getting no dialtone on the analog phone I have plugged in on the FX 0/0 port.

When I call the DN allocated to that port from a IP phone, i can the ringing tone and the light on the VG202 for that port goes on. But on the analog handset I get nothing.

See my config on the VG202 below.

Thanks for your help in advance. Let me know if any other details would help troubshooting this.

version 12.4

no service pad

service timestamps debug datetime msec

service timestamps log datetime msec

no service password-encryption


hostname lonfgw01





logging message-counter syslog

enable secret 5 $1$n0XN$9v/ZD6rKywN1YGFxHVIFW0


no aaa new-model

ip source-route





ip cef

ip domain name fqm.internal

no ipv6 cef




voice-card 0



log config





interface FastEthernet0/0

ip address

speed auto



interface FastEthernet0/1

no ip address


duplex auto

speed auto


ip forward-protocol nd

ip route


no ip http server








voice-port 0/0


voice-port 0/1


ccm-manager redundant-host

ccm-manager mgcp

ccm-manager fax protocol cisco

ccm-manager music-on-hold

ccm-manager config server 

ccm-manager config



mgcp call-agent 2427 service-type mgcp version 0.1

mgcp rtp unreachable timeout 1000 action notify

mgcp modem passthrough voip mode nse

mgcp package-capability rtp-package

mgcp package-capability sst-package

no mgcp package-capability res-package

no mgcp timer receive-rtcp

mgcp sdp simple

mgcp rtp payload-type g726r16 static

mgcp bind media source-interface FastEthernet0/0


mgcp profile default




dial-peer voice 99900 pots

service mgcpapp

port 0/0


dial-peer voice 99901 pots

service mgcpapp

port 0/1




line con 0

no modem enable

line aux 0

line vty 0 4

password cisco






hi mate,

I know it sounds stupid, but make sure that your phone has ringer enabled and it's connected into correct VG202 port using proper cable.

What happens if you pickup the handset while light flashes on the VG202? Do you get connected?

Also please post "show ccm" output from the affected VG.

UPD: Make sure you reset gateway in CUCM after you make changes to gw configuration there.



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Hi Boris,

Thanks for your time. I have checked the cable and handset. They are fine on a standard analog line.

I tried picking up the handset while ringing the DN ( the status light was ON on the vg202) but the handset was not responding in any fashion.

Please see the configs you mentioned below.

lonfgw01#sh mgcp

MGCP Admin State ACTIVE, Oper State ACTIVE - Cause Code NONE

MGCP call-agent: 2427 Initial protocol service is MGCP 0.1

MGCP validate call-agent source-ipaddr DISABLED

MGCP validate domain name DISABLED

MGCP block-newcalls DISABLED

MGCP send SGCP RSIP: forced/restart/graceful/disconnected DISABLED

MGCP quarantine mode discard/step

MGCP quarantine of persistent events is ENABLED

MGCP dtmf-relay for VoIP is SDP controlled

MGCP dtmf-relay for voAAL2 is SDP controlled

MGCP voip modem passthrough mode: NSE, codec: g711ulaw, redundancy: DISABLED,

MGCP voaal2 modem passthrough disabled

MGCP voip modem relay: Disabled

MGCP T.38 Named Signalling Event (NSE) response timer: 200

MGCP Network (IP/AAL2) Continuity Test timer: 200

MGCP 'RTP stream loss' timer disabled

MGCP request timeout 500

MGCP maximum exponential request timeout 4000

MGCP rtp unreachable timeout 1000 action notify

MGCP gateway port: 2427, MGCP maximum waiting delay 3000

MGCP restart delay 0, MGCP vad DISABLED


MGCP system resource check DISABLED

MGCP xpc-codec: DISABLED, MGCP persistent hookflash: DISABLED

MGCP persistent offhook: ENABLED, MGCP persistent onhook: DISABLED

MGCP piggyback msg ENABLED, MGCP endpoint offset DISABLED

MGCP simple-sdp ENABLED

MGCP undotted-notation DISABLED

MGCP codec type g711ulaw, MGCP packetization period 20

MGCP JB threshold lwm 30, MGCP JB threshold hwm 150

MGCP LAT threshold lwm 150, MGCP LAT threshold hwm 300

MGCP PL threshold lwm 1000, MGCP PL threshold hwm 10000

MGCP CL threshold lwm 1000, MGCP CL threshold hwm 10000

MGCP playout mode is adaptive 60, 40, 1000 in msec

MGCP Fax Playout Buffer is 300 in msec

MGCP media (RTP) dscp: ef, MGCP signaling dscp: af31

MGCP default package: line-package

MGCP supported packages: gm-package dtmf-package trunk-package line-package

                         hs-package rtp-package atm-package ms-package dt-package

                         mt-package sst-package fxr-package md-package

MGCP Digit Map matching order: shortest match

SGCP Digit Map matching order: always left-to-right

MGCP VoAAL2 ignore-lco-codec DISABLED

MGCP T.38 Max Fax Rate is DEFAULT



MGCP T.38 Fax NSF Override is DISABLED

MGCP T.38 Fax Low Speed Redundancy: 0

MGCP T.38 Fax High Speed Redundancy: 0

MGCP Fax relay SG3-to-G3: ENABLED

MGCP Fax relay ANSam suppression: DISABLED

MGCP control bind :DISABLED

MGCP media bound to interface FastEthernet0/0

MGCP Upspeed payload type for G711ulaw: 0,  G711alaw: 8

MGCP Dynamic payload type for Cisco fax indication: 96, Cisco fax ack: 97

MGCP Static payload type for G.726-16K codec

MGCP Dynamic payload type for G.726-24K codec

MGCP Dynamic payload type for G.726-32K codec

MGCP Dynamic payload type for G.Clear codec

MGCP Dynamic payload type for NSE is 100

MGCP Dynamic payload type for NTE is 99

MGCP rsip-range is enabled for TGCP only.

MGCP Comedia role is NONE

MGCP Comedia check media source is DISABLED

MGCP Comedia SDP force is DISABLED

MGCP g729 variants use static payload type and contain annexb in SDP

MGCP Guaranteed scheduler time is DISABLED

MGCP Disconnect delay error recovery DISABLED

MGCP DNS stale threshold is 30 seconds

lonfgw01#sh ccm

lonfgw01#sh ccm-manager

MGCP Domain Name: lonfgw01.fqm.internal

Priority        Status                   Host


Primary         Registered     

First Backup    Backup Ready   

Second Backup   None                    

Current active Call Manager:

Backhaul/Redundant link port:   2428

Failover Interval:              30 seconds

Keepalive Interval:             15 seconds

Last keepalive sent:            08:15:26 GMT Feb 24 2012 (elapsed time: 00:00:11)

Last MGCP traffic time:         08:15:26 GMT Feb 24 2012 (elapsed time: 00:00:11)

Last failover time:             None

Last switchback time:           None

Switchback mode:                Graceful

MGCP Fallback mode:             Not Selected

Last MGCP Fallback start time:  None

Last MGCP Fallback end time:    None

MGCP Download Tones:            Disabled

TFTP retry count to shut Ports: 2

Configuration Auto-Download Information


Current version-id: 1330012374-ae66f292-afff-42ec-a079-d2a948cbe118

Last config-downloaded:00:00:00

Current state: Waiting for commands

Configuration Download statistics:

        Download Attempted             : 1

          Download Successful          : 1

          Download Failed              : 0

        Configuration Attempted        : 1

          Configuration Successful     : 1

          Configuration Failed(Parsing): 0

          Configuration Failed(config) : 0

Last config download command: New Registration



Did you find a resolution to this ???

any help will be appreciated.



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