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NO Ring while being Transfered from Auto Attendant

Huascar Teran
Level 1
Level 1


When I call in and try to get to any extension via the Auto Attendant I don't here a ring tone while on the other end it is actually ringing.  I'm sent to VoiceMail after 21 throughout that time all I hear is silence until the other person picks up. 

I got some progress by changing a "regular Transfer" to a "supervised Transfer"  and this way I hear music but not the actual ringing

Can anyone shed any light on this?????

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Gaurav Purohit
Level 1
Level 1

Hello Huascar,

I had same issue not very long ago, check the region settings for the CTI port and Route point. Make sure they talk ONLY G711 to Anything else. It got fixed for me by creating a new region for CTI devices used by CUEAC in G711.

BTW, whats the CUCM and CUEAC version?? has it been recently upgraded?

Also, I dont think its specific to Phone, Queue, or Agent...isn't it?

Robert Thomas
Level 7
Level 7


We would need a detail call flow for this. Is it Unity or UCCX used for the Auto attendant.

Also is the call comming in via a SIP Trunk?

Keep in Mind "Ringback" for SIP trunks is sort of faked, since the protocol has no means to deliver it via signaling, we need to reconnect the audio stream to the ANN to emulate a ringback tone on the audio plane.

Any Region restriction, or not having all codecs enabled for the IPVMSA service might cause a condition like the one you are describing.

Huascar Teran
Level 1
Level 1

Thank you Gaurav and Rober for your suggestions and I apologize for your late response.  But they did not help in pointing me in the right direction to get it resolved. 

However, an ex-co worker (Francis G.) was able to give me some good advice. 

Reset/Restart the Annunciator. 

This seemed to solve the issue. 

I have this same issue.  Internal calls to call handler do not hear ring back when being transfered to hunt pilot in cucm.  Did stopping/restarting Annunciator help?

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