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No voice during the first 10 seconds in every call


Lately we are encountering a weird issue where a voice gateway randomly doesn't work properly : either is an incoming or outgoing call, both ends can't hear each other during the first 10 seconds, and everything goes back to normal after, the only thing that helps to fix it temporarily is issuing a "reload" to reboot it and it works just fine

- I tried to look at the CPU usage when the issue is happening and it looks clearly it isn't the source of the problem

- issuing "Debug isdn Q931" during the problem shows that the call is instantly taken by the phone.


If you can suggest any other troubleshooting tips for such issue please advise

Thank you

Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

is it a pri or sip ? 

If pri can you share the show controller output.


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Ah, wanted to add that and forgot

It's a BRI (4 ports).. if you need other information than this, I will do this once in the office

Thank you

Aswin S

May be you need to check the Dial peer configuration of BRI

The same config is deployed in multiple remote sites without any issue, also, when rebooting the router it works fine for 4, to 5 days .. so i don't think it's a configuration issue

I dont think its a problem with the dial-peer.  I never worked with BRI , but Can you share the show controller bri output. 



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Show controller BRI output shows that all the interfaces are Layer 1 activated operating in LT-T mode (ISDN L1 State F7)

Fine, is there any time negotiation happening between the BRI configured router and the ITSP? if so then we need to check any mismatch happening during the negotiation. because ISP to ISP time may differs.

Can you elaborate please ? what can I check router side for example ?

Please paste the output of  show dial-peer voice from the router.

Edit the sensitive information if any before pasting please.

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