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not able to call internal DNs

friends.. i know i am missing something very stupid .. but i configured a new ISDN BRI on my router .. which already has around 10 lines for 10 different departments coming in and working fine .. i can call any DN from any any dept directly as an extension. now from this new CSS/ route partition [created for this new line if i trying to call any internal DN it is not going through but still i am able to make outgoing calls to any other number.

my other phone in any other partition are perfect able to dial any CSS/ route partition DN. not sure what i am missing .. please help.i have CUCM 6.1.3

Cisco Employee

Hi Jatinder,

Can you describe the complete CSS and partition topology you recently created in your environment?

I am pretty you must have checked that there ain't any Translation patterns overlapping with the current internal DN to DN calls.

What do you hear when calling internally?



hi Hitesh .. ok for messgae "your call can not be completed if dialed. please consult your directory...."

My CSS .. has one partition ... one route group which point to single gateway interface on the ISDN card.

dial pattern has 9.! which connect to this route partition. Phones are in this client CSS and route partition.

we dont have any translation patterns. please let me know what info is needed.

Hi Jatinder,

a. What is the Calling search space you have specified on the Calling Phone and partition defined on the called Number, is it none? If not sure then check the settings and make a note of it. If there is a partition defined on the called number then make sure the CSS of the calling phone has this partition in it's list.

b. Can you browse to the following:

Note: Use the IP address of you PUB.

Run a query for phones and the called number, get the output and send it to us.

c. What is the number you are trying to dial? Does it start with 9 or something else?


a. if i define the partition of the called number in the CSS of calling phone then problem is if the 2 BRIs are busy it takes the gateway of called number which is not right.

2. attached DNS screen shots. one successful and other one unsuccessful call

3. no dialing an extension 6091

Is 0304 assigned to the same partition as 1001 (PEX)?  Make sure the 6093 has proper CSS assigned to either the DN or device that can match  the 0304 Partition. 

all the three DNs are in different partition ... i am able to make calls within partitions as of now as in each CSS i have those partitions defined

but with above said .. i am only able to make 2 calls in/out ...equal to BRI and it doesnt shifts to another gateway.. but with this new line ...0304 when i leave this alone i am only able to make calls out and when i adding other partitions then my calls are jumping to another gateway.

So, internal calling is not working, right? If so close this thread as you already have another one addressing the BRI routing.

chris i wanted to put both queries in same... but then i had this experience also when sm1 champ like u asked me to put all queries separately ... so internal calling and BRI using another CSS gateway for me still are two totally isolated things.. rest if you believe are same i can close this


Either the calling phone does not have the partition assigned to extension 0304 or there is an overlapping pattern which might be blocking it. can you check first if partition assigned to extension 0304 is there in the CSS of the calling phone and if its there then check if there is any route pattern/translation pattern starting with 0 or a general pattern like ! with urgent priority checked?


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