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Number Blocking

What is the fastest/easiest way to block a number from being called from within the Call Manager Publisher release 10.5? Thanks ahead of time to anyone who can provide an answer. I have a user that keeps sending fax calls to a residence so I need to make it stop asap.

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How to block inbound calls

How to block inbound calls has been discussed plenty times before at CSC, a quick search will provide you with all the information you need.

If you mean outbound calls, configure a TP with block this number.



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a translation pattern with a

a translation pattern with a reject statement based on caller ID, if you have a SIP/H323 gateway would be the quickest way to achieve this if its just a single number you want to block.

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I'm talking about blocking an

I'm talking about blocking an outbound call. I have a fax on a VG350. Let's say the number being called is a residential number 408-555-5555.The call goes out via a sip trunk terminated on a cube to the residence. I'm not new to Cisco however; I am new to SIP and I haven't touched a gateway router or anything Cisco for that matter in 5 years or more so I'm really rusty.

So, I think you are talking about blocking the number on the cube with a translation pattern. If so, can you show me an example of the command line? Also, if there is a way to do this on the Publisher, I would appreciate seeing an example of that as well. Sorry for my learning curve. The last Cisco I worked on was release 8 using PRI circuits on a gateway. I've been working on Avaya CS1000E for the last 5 years which is a completely different animal.


Jamie mentioned TP (think he

Jamie mentioned TP (think he was referring to Translation Pattern which I thought was for Inbound calls).  He is more of an expert than I am, but below is what I do in the Call Manager administration pages.

For blocking an Outbound call to a particular number or range of numbers or all numbers in a particular area code I use Route Pattern.  (I use this a lot)

Call Routing --> Route / Hunt --> Route Pattern


Route Pattern - enter in all digits that would be dialed from any device on your system (doesn't matter if fax  or phone).  ex: 912015551234  (we dial 9 and 1 before a long distance number).

Route Partition - I had created a partition called Blocked-PT , but I think you can put any partition in here.

Gateway/Route list - I put the normal GW Route list normally used

Route Option - this is where you can choose "Block this pattern" radio button. There is a pull down menu - you can choose any of them if you want or 'no error' ... I generally choose 'Call Rejected' - you can play around with it see the different results ('call rejected' gives me a fast busy) when calling the number.

Hope it helps.

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Nope, translation patterns

Nope, translation patterns are for inbound and outbound calls.

Route patterns is what is only for outbound calls.

You do pretty much the same thing with either, make sure you have the CSS with the pattern you configured and choose the block this pattern to prevent the call.



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