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Number with Pause - Speed dial setup in UCM

Hello - How do I setup a speed dial number to contain a pause in UCM? (Using UCM for Cisco IP Phone 7962)

For example, dialing 18008888888, PAUSE for a few seconds, dial 888888

What is the syntax to insert a pause?


paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

CUCM cannot do pauses in speed-dial. Meaning, there is no syntax or configuration that does that, in no version of CUCM.

To solve this, I wrote a TCL/IVR script that can be acquired at

It appears you Sell a script that does that.


I've also been looking for a way to do this.  As a work around, I have plugged the bridge line information into my description label.  For example: "XYZ Call - (12345678)"

It would be much more convenient to have this ability.  I recall using a "," to add 1 second delays in the past but that will not work for me.

Yes, as mentioned above my script does that.

The more I know about UCM the more disappointed I am..... This is simple telephony from the beginning of time.

Why being disappointed when a simple and effective solution is available.

Hello All,

Just to let you know this is very doable. you need to host a small xml file on a web server, create a service url and assign the button to the phone.

Here is the makings of the script

You also need a decent phone that supports XML services. Most do.

I understand where you are coming from but the way systems are designed today are to give you the power to do virtually anything you want to. Like with Paolo's script, im sure if you read the documentation on how to build one its actually fairly straight forward and you would probably have fun writing them. I think its awesome. In the older systems, you were simply stuck with how it worked, no ways of making it work differently.

Sorry guys but it should be a standard feature

I do agree, ya know people used to complain too because there was no DND (do not disturb) button because that was old as time and why get rid of it so Cisco finally built it in.

Should it?

I have done several UCM installations over the past few years and not one person has asked for a pause feature. 

Why would Cisco spend money developing a feature which will rarely get used?


UCM 11, Ch 22. It's there already. I think I have an issue with the config...

Apoligies all for necromancing 


Just to add a point here, it might not be useful now a days as it was used to be. I know some guys who are using 'wait for answer' (w) and 'pause' (p) in older analog PBXs since the time when Cisco was not even into IP telephony business and PRI was not available everywhere.

To make direct call between two offices (without manual DISA and operator intervention) with FXO lines, callers used to configure speed dial keys on thier propritery digital phones. Like if I want to reach other office user where PSTN number is 2222-222 and extension number is 547, caller will configure speed dial key as '2222222wp547'. Doing so, calling PBX will first make an outgoing call to 2222222, then wait for answer signal on analog trunk and since FXO port takes some time to go off-hook before it can start detecting DTMF, pause here ensures the DTMF detection. After pause, callling PBX will dial 547 in DTMF.

Other frequently used application was to use calling cards when long distance calls used to be very costly. Some calling cards providers allow you to enter pre-defined local PSTN number, then add your ID/Password followed by any number you wish to dial. With 'wait for answer' and 'pause' in place, that can be easily achieved.

Navigating through IVR can also be avoided with this feature if caller frequently calls and navigate through same IVR.

With IP telephony and PRI in place, this feature has now limited value in certain circumtances only.

- Vivek 

  Hello Frnds

                      I don't know much abt dis but I can suggest you . pause in speed dial is available only in CUCM 9.X ver . 

                                      phone --> add speed-dial --> now write a number lyk 9900..12345#  here, 9900 is the number , 12345 is pin by pressing # and ".." is the pause .  



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