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Old school Doorphone / Intercom for CUCM

Hey guys,


I have two VM's running CUCM together with a VG202XM.


I have a old elevator with a intercom which I need to hook up to my phone system somehow. Is there some device I can use to take a old intercom/doorphone and have it convert to something like SIP which I can interface with CUCM? How do people normally handle old intercoms/doorphones?





Re: Old school Doorphone / Intercom for CUCM

Two options that immediately come to mind as

(1) can you connect your existing intercom to an analogue port on an ATA or similar gateway?   This would work if the interface to the existing intercom is conventional analogue

(2) Third party SIP device such as a door entry panel.  This requires a network connection to the inside of the lift of course.

Here's an example

I've not used that exact product but we've used other Algo products with CUCM.

Please also check for regulatory requirements in your territory.  For example are you required to have an intercom that would operate during power failure, does it need to be able to make external emergency calls, etc?


Re: Old school Doorphone / Intercom for CUCM

Hi Tony,


Thanks for your quick reply!


Option 1) Unfortunately the intercom does not function like a traditional phone at all. From the drawings I have seen, it appears that inside a junction box there is terminal block which comes from the lift. The connections appear to connect directly to the terminals on the back of the lifts inbuilt speaker, microphone and call button.

So I would need some sort of device that can take a raw speaker, microphone and PTT connection and turn it into a FXS.


Option 2) Unfortunately we'd like to continue to use the old inbuilt intercom in the lift as it would look aesthetically better.


Thanks again for your help!


Re: Old school Doorphone / Intercom for CUCM

If you're feeling adventurous there's an ancient Cisco note on how use an E&M interface to connect to overhead paging with a microphone and PTT button.  That idea might possibly be adapted.  


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