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On Call Indication

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Hello All,

Users are asking for a simple feature which was available on their old PBX and i cannot find it anywhere here.

Phone A is on an important call, Phone B is calling Phone A and hears ringing ringing ringing but no answer, he doesn’t know that Phone A is on a call.

We want Caller from Phone B to hear a different ring or a tone or anything that indicates that Phone A is on a call, very simple and legitimate.

Is there any good solution for that ?

We're on CUCM 8.5.

Thanks for your ongoing support.

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame

This is asked some often. if you had searched before asking:

Cisco doesn't support this feature (call waiting annucation to caller), and has not announced plans to do.

Cisco will tell you that the other chocie is to received a busy singnal, (thing that will rpeved the calle to know about the missed call).They also will  tell you that you canconfigure presence and/or espansion modules to monitor other extensions status.

I've created a TCL/IVR script that provides the funcionality, with the drawback of requiring an additional button on the the 'phone A' . This limitation does not exists on CME. It can be adquired at the website mentioned in my profile.