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One Attendant Console Queue out of many is having an issue

Level 4
Level 4

This is a repost in a different location.  (sorry, I am new at this)

My customer is having an issue with calls coming into a particular branch and being delivered to an Attendant Console Queue.  Calls come into a Cisco  4321 voice gateway (Version 15.4(3)S7, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc3)) via ISDN and delivered to CUCM (Version 11.5), which translates the called number to a UCCX (version: (ES08-13)) trigger.  Within the script, it provides an option to press "0" which sends the caller to Attendant Console (Version:

Up until last Monday morning, everything worked fine.  In the afternoon it was noticed that calls into the QBY queue would hang.  None of the receptionists are able to pick up the calls. They double click on the call in the AC, and it just does nothing. The call never transfers to their phone, it just sits in the queue ringing at their computer.  On the caller side, Silence on their end, call took ~5 seconds to even start ringing at the AC, receptionist unable to pick up.

Rebooted the two AC servers and the QBY joy.  Resynched all of the CTI joy

Redirecting calls coming into the QBY gateway to another queue duplicates the issue.  Calls from another gateway into the QBY AC queue - no issue.

No overt changes have been made to any components and I cannot explain why the solution has worked for years, then suddenly stopped working for only one queue.

Can someone assist and point me in the right direction?


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