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Ordered new DID blocks - what do I need to do in CM?

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Level 1

I just ordered a block  of DID's from XO in an area code that we don't currenlty have. If they are going to be routed the same as a nearby location, can I add them to that pool? Is there anything special I need to do from a configuration standpoint? I'm getting Las Vegas numbers - is there any reason I can't use the same device pools as our Tucson DID's provided the routing pattern will be the same?                  

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Gregory Garrian
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Level 1

How many digits are being forwarded to you? 

The only thing you need to do is figure out what you want those numbers to do when they reach CUCM.  You may need to create directory numbers to match the new DIDs, or translation patterns to change them to other numbers.

Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

So, is your plan to assign these DIDs to phones? If not, what is the prupose of your question?

What is your dial plan defined as, i.e. how many digits, are the digits matching the last few digits of the DIDs, if so how many?  How many digits are arriving to the GW from the carrier, if this is PRI you can perform "debug isdn q931" and make a call to one of these numbers.


Yes I will be assigning them to phones. I am just wondering if I am missing anything on the CM side - oth your answers were very helpful, thank you!

One thing you may have to do is look to see how your gateway dial peers are setup.  For instance, if your existing block has a range from 1000-1999 your dial peer may match that.  If the new block is 2000-2999 you may have to put in a new dial peer to forward that to CUCM.

If your gateway is MGCP no change is necessary.

Oh thats right.... there may be an issue for 4 digit extension direct dialing and using an 8 for outgoing calls depending on the block we get... thanks for bringing that to my attention.

Are you terminating those numbers on the same gateway?