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Outbound CLID with Single Number Reach


My client has a handful of users using Single Number Reach but they're reporting that when receiving calls via Unified Mobility Caller ID is showing the main number of the facility where they're located, rather than the (original) Calling Party number.  After doing some investigation I found that the 9.@ route pattern has its External Phone Number Mask set to the main number so presumably all outbound calls from devices (which match 9.@), not just mobility calls, are masked to the main number.

Is there any way I can override this default masking behavior ONLY for Mobility users so they can see the Original Calling Party number on their cellphones rather than the main number of the building their desk phone resides in?




Roger Kallberg
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

The call routing for calls to SNR is done with the RDP rerouting CSS. So if you use a separate CSS for this you can have a PT in it that holds a RP that doesn’t have the settings to use External Phone Number Mask set to the main number. But your Telco might not allow you to present a caller ID that isn't part of your DID range.

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Thanks Roger.  I'm currently seeing the main number showing up in the ISDN debugs so if I can at least use your tips to get the CUCM to outpulse the original Calling Party Number I'll at least know it's the telco, not my config, that's preventing the Original Caller ID from passing!

Robert Thomas
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Rising star

You will need to discuss with your Telco. Some Telco don't let you send them a Caller ID that is not assigned to your PRI. Imagine you could send the IRS main number to the TELCO, and the TELCO would just accept it as it is.

Or for the Single Number Reach people make a special dialout code say #.XXXXXXXXX and make it so it does not send out your main number.

I present our Caller ID's of the originator calls.  I have never had an issue,

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