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Nirmal Paria

Paging on SCCP Analog Phone (VG224/ATA186)

Hi All,

I am deploying CME with ATA186 & VG224. My Customer wants to do the paing on Analog phone along with IP PHone. Can Analog phone support Paging. All analog phone configure as SCCP.



paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

What is connect to the ATA or VG224 ?

If a normal phone, paging doesn't make sense, because the phone needs to be answered before an audio path is established.

And since the page can be being sent to IP phones, is not possible to wait for the all the analog devices to answer, then send paging.

Hi Paolo,

Analog Corless phones & few Spraker phones are connected both ATA & VG224.

So as as mentioned above it can'nt be done as you can't force auto-answer on regular phones.

Not to hijack the thread, but this is a similar scenario, on CME how would I configure a paging

system on a H.323 fxs port on the router?  I know to wire the port to the paging system, but in CME and the router, how would I configure it?  Thanks.

If you mean the paging system embedded in CME for IP phones, I don't think that can work for FXS ports.

Otherwise you call ther FXS number and once it answers, you can talk and page.

If someone can show otherwise I will stand corrected, of course.

Yes, I was referring to the paging system embedded in CME.  How can I make this work with an overhead paging system?  Can I create an E-phone DN, and forward it to an analog fxs port's station number? 


Can someone tell me what touch-tones a user would dial from an analog extension to generate a page to the IP phones?  I.e. pick up the handset on the analog phone, hear dialtone, dial ???? and produce a page to all the phones.

We have an analog phone in the stock room and need to page to the IP phones, this already works from the IP phones but we do not know how to do this from analog extension.



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