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paging server (informacast) issue


Hi All

i just deployed a paging server , went through all steps for installation and then the configuration

integration was successful , cti ports are registered , sip trunk created ,dialcast created , groups defined .. etc

now when i want to make a broadcast

scenario :

Users (A,B,C) are in a broadcast group

user A picks the handset and call the dial-cast number

the phones B and C speakers are activated and the call is established

the issue is that i can't hear any sound..


all phones and the CUCM and Informacast are in the same vlan and connected to only one 2960x switch , and i turn off igmp in the switch for testing

Troubleshooting Done :

1-checked the compatibility between informacast (9.0.1) with CUCM (10.5) and cisco phones (8945,7821) , all is good.

2-used the Singlewire tool to check the multicast between tow phones and it was successful.

3-used Wireshark to capture traffic in the receiving phone (PC port) and i got the UDP audio traffic, i even converted the captured to RTP and i could hear the Audio after decoding in wireshark.

attached is the wireshark log (screenshot)


at this point i had no other option but to seek for your help guys

please advise

Thanks and Regards

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Nathan Compton

Informacast multicasts directly to the phone IP addresses.  Even though CUCM is on the same VLAN, your phones are most likely not.  You have to enable multicast routing on your Layer 3 switch if the phones are on a different VLAN.

thanks for the replay, but i already mentioned that i only have one vlan for all devices(CUCM , informacast , phones)  and i dont have a L3 switch.

Hi Nathan Compton   ,

Can you please give me sample commands for my scenario :-

1. I have CUCM and Informacast Paging server connected to core switch (6509) on VLAN 10.

2. My IP Phones are connected to 3750X Access Switches uplinked to Core Switch(6509) on VLAN 20.

3. SVI of VLAN 10 on Core Switch is and SVI of VLAN 20 on Core Switch is

What are the commands to be added on Core Switch and Access Switches and on which all SVI's or interfaces ?


I have the same issue. Would you please share how you solved it?

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