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PAP2T - Number accepted that does not match the dial plan

While testing my dial plan on the PAP2T, I encountered a number that was being accepted that shouldn't have been, as there is no matching rule in the dial plan. I simplified the dial plan and have narrowed it down. Here is an example dial plan: (xxxxxxxxxx). My understanding is that this dial plan will allow any 10 digit number and will reject everything else. However, if I dial 101 (for example), the call is still placed after a few seconds (101# is completed immediately).

My understanding of the rule is supported by the following example in the documentation:

9, <:1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx   This example is useful where a local area code is required.

After a user presses 9, an external dial tone sounds. The user must enter a 10-

digit number that begins with a digit 2 through 9.

I changed the dial plan to the following, just to see what would happen: (*xx). This should allow asterisk and any two digit code. I tested 101 again, and got a busy signal right after I pressed 1. This is working as expected.

I also tried the following dial plan: (xx). When I dial 101, I get a busy signal after I dial the third digit, as expected.

Why is the device allowing 101 with a dial plan of (xxxxxxxxxx)? It appears that this dial plan will allow any number between 1 and 10 digits.

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