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Personal fast dials in IP phones 7970 & 7945


i have these phones and trying to understand personal fast dial features in the personal directory.At the moment when i use the personal fast dials i can only set as the phone number on the display instead of the person's name, so in that case i have to remember everyones number which defeats the object of having a personal fast can get the fast dial to work with contacts name i.e mary then dial?

is that possible or am i misunderstanding some thing here ?

i am on using CUCM version 6.1.thank you

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Ok team, i have reading all day and i think in the call manger i need to subscribe to fast dial which the cisco guys did not do :(

so once i log in to my CM admin page and then go to Device>Device settings>phone settings >and select IP phone services and click find and give me me nothing.

Then if select service description and find , the search gives me nothing.

question is how do i activate the Fast dial subscription and then subscribing to it ?

thank you

It's not there by default. You need to refer to the document and configure it manually.


thank you , but what document are referring to ?

Click on help from the CUCM admin page and search for 'services'. Follow the links to configure the 'FastDials' service. Once this is done, subscribe your user to the service as you mentioned earlier. You can then use the ccmuser page to build your Personal Address Book and then add those to your Personal Fast Dials.


In UCM 6.1 you do not need to set up the fast dial service as fast dials is already available via the personal directories.

To get a name with the fast dial instead of just the phone number you need to first create a personal address book entry and then create the fast dial from the address book entry.

The user can do this via the phone or their user options webpage:

See the phone user guide (link to the user guide for the 7941 and UCM 6.1 below):

Via the user options webpage:

https://IP ADDRESS/ccmuser/

First add an entry via the personal address book.

Then go to Fast Dials, search for the appropriate address book entry and add.

Note: to access the user options webpage a user must be subscribed to the "standand ccm end user" user group (Which will allow users to login to the user options webpage)

Ok guys , you guys make it sound so simple and with intructions from Cisco docs is also very clear and simple , i am a newbi on the CUCM admin, so lets focus from the phone side of things , i have hundreds of entries in my PAB, then when i go to Fast Dial to assign a code to PAB entry , i see a list of unassigned numbers , so i select no 1 , then click on assign then its asks for number ? what number do i type there then ? the tel phone number of the person or the listing number of the person on the PAB ? i tried putting the listing number on PAB i.e first no is my solicitors , then on fast dial i assign no 1 and click on update, then on fast dial it only shows no 1 and not the name solicitors , so even if i try to dial , it fails and does not dial ?

yes , yes , yes, i worked it all out using the user option thanks to you all guys ..thank you,

ok another issue , so now i have added my contacts , so when my contacts ring me why doesn't it not display the external caller name and his number like it does with internal extension callers?

so when my solicitor calls , why doesn't the calling line show show solicitor and his number ?

Also guys, for users just to manage their address books and fast dials etc , i have given them the "standard CCM End user" privileges that correct level of access and can they do any further damage and access things in the CUCM when they should not ?

please advise, thank you

cant see what is the difference between fastdial and PAB entries, still same process, directories >personal directory> select >search> navigate > then dial , to much button pressing and time consuming ? any way of assigning quick access key buttons or something ? to make it less time consuming?


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