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Phone cuts out @ 15 minutes


Hi I saw some threads on here about this same condition but could not find any that refer to Cisco SPA122 VOIP ATA. 

Is there some particular setting that could be causing this? It only cuts out when I call out, not when calls come in.



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Roger Kallberg
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Very likely a problem that is related to signaling. When a call disconnects at or after 15 minutes that’s the most common issue.

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on other threads, people say they changed some settings and got it to work however those threads don't related to SPA122 device. 

I have no first hand experience with that specific model of device, so I can not give you any specific pointers on what to check or change. In general it’s a lack of response to signalling that causes this type of issues.

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hi thanks for your response I cannot find any of these settings;


  • Consistent NAT (Network Address Translation) is enabled.
  • Single Sign On Authentication Packet is turned off or disabled.
  • NAT Refresh Timer is greater than 120 seconds - it may also be called NAT Timeout or UDP Inactivity Timer.
  • SIP ALG is disabled - it may also be called SIP Transformation.

I saved a screen shot, turned it into a pdf but see no way of posting a pdf here.

Where are you looking for these settings, on the SPA device or in your firewall? If it is in the device your looking at the wrong place, those are firewall related settings.

On the attachment of files to posts. Underneath the text section you should have this.


That is how you can attach file(s) to your post.

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yes I attached a laptop to the CICSO SPA122. If Im supposed to look in the firewall, how do I do that? would that be something through the modem? Recently my SP changed my modem but this problem has been occurring under both modems.

That is well outside of the topic in the community. It’s your network and you alone would be able to know how it’s setup. That’s not really anything that we in the community can help you with.

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is there any webpage or pdf that shows all the correct settings for SPA122 device? (not just the ones they say to change) I'd like to look at each setting, make sure they all align.

There are no 1 correct setting for a device, it would depend on the service that you're connecting it to. Your service provider should give you the settings that you should use for their service.

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I understand but the provider no longer supports their system.

The codes that make it unique to their system are intact. 

What I'm looking for are generic settings of the CISCO device that may be causing the phone to quit after 15 min. Some sort of timer or similar value. For instance, 15 min = 900 seconds so I was looking for something of that nature but found nothing. 

Surely other such devices would have similar settings? Or other CISCO devices on other systems would need to have the same settings, in respect to timing, not proprietary settings like those unique to the Service Provider. 

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