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Phone firmware files in CME TFTP


hi there,   in CME enviorment, when IP phone connect to the CME TFTP server, it will try to download the latest firmware. could someone tell me where is the firmware file located in the CME?

After issue Telephony-service in router to enable CME, the cnf file is created, where I can find the cnf file and is this file in anyway relating to the provision of firmware to the phones?  many thanks... R

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paolo bevilacqua
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Hall of Fame Master

If you search the forum or documentation, these matters have been discussed many times already.

Paolo,  I have checked the forum and cannot find answer specifically to my question, that is why I posted this question. I can see you have been involved in voice for a while; I wish you can provide a bit more constructive suggestion than that, or if you think it is too basic, you can skip it…

Anyway, I have come across a file which provided me some answer and for those who like me is looking for the answer, please check the link bellow, hope this helps:

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