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Phone Firmware will not load

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Level 1

I cannot seem to get my 7941 to load the correct firmware even though I have specified the firmware with the load command and tftp-server flash:(load) command. It does not load the correct firmware, instead it loads term41.deafult.

I have attached a tftp debug for this issue. Please advise as to what the issue is.

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Yes, it is still the term41.default

the phone type if 7941 under the ephone.

It is a 7941G but there is only a 7941 and 7941GE in the type command options.

Add this
load 7941G SCCP41.8-3-3S.loads

And " no create cnf" then "create cnf". Now re-registered the phone.

Post #"more system:/its/vrf1/XMLDefault7941G.cnf.xml"

Let me know

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It does not allow the load 7941G command.

It only has the 7941 and 7941GE options.

I will lab test tomorrow with this sccp version , i will let you know.

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Hi Jordan,

I was looking at the debug logs , i see phone is looking for firmware supportive files

.Jan 13 19:43:11.523: TFTP: Finished flash:SCCP41.8-3-3S.loads, time 00:00:00 for process 77

.Jan 13 19:43:11.771: TFTP: Looking for jar41sccp.8-3-2-27.sbn

.Jan 13 19:43:11.823: TFTP: Looking for cnu41.8-3-2-27.sbn

Which is neither mapped in tftp and nor stored in the flash. Can you add these above highlighted files in flash and mapped them in tftp and then try to registered the phone.

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