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Phone Time Problem


The bug fix for CSCtc52241 say's that the time problem is fixed in releases above 7.1 cucm. I have this issue on one phone that is a 7942G Hardware rev. 1.0 and it is ver 8.3, all the other phones on the switch and router at this location, which are 7942G are above this phones hardware and load and they have EDT the correct time. This one phone's web server say's Greenwich Std Time and it is truly off by the same amount. The date and time group has a notation about legacy phones not compatible and then there is a hyperlink to a list of phones. Am I to assume I still need an * in the time zone name and what is the impact of changing it?

Thank you,

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Hi Gerald,

Hi Gerald,

I'm guessing that it's actually this bug that you are seeing and that it could be rectified by upgrading the firmware on the one 7942. You will have to be careful with the 7942 firmware upgrade as depending on what version you are trying to move to would require an incremental 2 step process ie: 8.3x to 8.5.2 as the first step and then on to the higher 9.x version of firmware.

7.1(3): included phone firmware limited to specially marked Timezones
When selecting an "unmarked" TimeZone for a particular Date/Time Group, the affected phones will display GMT.

7.1(3) with phone firmware prior to 9.0(2) for the following phones:
7906, 7941, 7942, 7945, 7961, 7962, 7965, 7970, 7971, 7975, 89xx, 99xx

Use a marked TZ that is located in your GMT offset.

Further Problem Description
Starting with 7.1(3), the CM has been updated from a proprietary list of ~95 Timezones to roughly 500 timezones that are in the public Olson Timezone tables. The legacy list of 95 Timezones that were present in 7.1(2) and prior have been marked in the dropdown so as to provide a guide of TZ's that are compatible with all releases of phone firmware.

I can't see anything else

I can't see anything else wrong. This is a remote site and there are 56 phones 7 of, which are not 7942 phones. There are 30, 7942 on a 2960 switch running 12.2 IOS ..lanbasek9-mz.122-55.SE5 on this one switch. It is behind  a 2921 with 15.2 IOS .... UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.2(4)M4. 

All the other phones are on EDT and this one sits with Greenwich time. They are all above 9 and the hardware revisions are 11. It seems like a good diagnosis. 

I see from the drop down now, that I can choose another time. There are some 1600 devices across several remote sites sharing this date and time group. Does anyone know of a potential impact to changing that zone?

I could send another phone and do the upgrade back at the central location.

Thank you.

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Hi Gerald,

Hi Gerald,

I think your idea of configuring a phone to match the problem phone but with a 9.x firmware and then playing with the problem phone back at the central site is great! That way you can stay consistent with the date/time group and not have to mess around with the other 1600+ phones.




I had to find out the hard

I had to find out the hard way. When I looked at the device pool, it would only effect 59 phones. I made a new date and time group, applied it to the device pool, and went back and applied config to the date and time pool. It synchronized the site and the phone now has the correct time zone. It was easy to do, but with the gateway in the same device pool, I thought I would just do it over the weekend. Thank you for your input, it helped me,  and that is the rest of the story.

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