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Phones in remote sites randomly rebooting

I have 70 or so phones registered to my CUCM 8.6.2 cluster Subscriber from 3 remote sites, and 25 phones local to the site where the Pub and Sub are installed. those 25 phones are registered to the Publisher. All remote sites are connected by MPLS. Over the last few weeks, the phones in the remote sites have begun randomly rebooting durring this reboot, they do not attempt to re register to the Publisher which is listed second in the remote sites CUCM group. the main site has a seperate CUCM group with the Pub listed first. The physical topology of this is the publisher resides on a C200 and the Subscriber resides on another c200. both are vm's.

What I have noticed is that if I switch the remote phones to use the same CUCM group that the Main site uses this issue does not occur. This seems to me that I have an issue with the Sub, however after pouring through traces from the Sub I can find nothing that indicates any glaring issues with the server itself. I have ran pings from  the remote sites to the subscriber with no issues and from the main site to the remote sites with no issues, so I do not suspect routing or WAN issues at this point. Replication between the 2 servers is good. I have restarted the Sub which seemed to cure the issue for about a week but then it occured again yesterday. I also bumped the TCP connectivity timer up from 30 seconds to 120, I did this before the phones rebooted again. As of right now, I have all phones registered to the Publisher and am nerviously awaiting to see if the drop occurs again but thought Id throw the question out there and see if anyone has any other suggestions that I might look at.


Donald Mynes

Jay Schulze

What are the disconnect codes in syslog? Look at the LastOutOfServiceInformation.

Look at the ReasonForOutofService=X    Do you see the CUCM closing the connection or the device. What code do you see?

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