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Phones registering with Publisher

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Level 1


Will it be any problem if phones registers with Publisher?

Suddenly my new phones are registering with Publisher instead of Subscriber. I have checked the priority of CCM group in device pool. It is subscriber only. I didn't understand how new phones are registering suddenly with publisher. There is no problem with existing phones.

Could someone help me?



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Level 3

Was the publisher at some point part of the cm group? It is possible that they are using cached information. This would most likely be because they are not reaching the tftp server and grabbing their new config files. Double check the tftp server and make sure it is up on the pub and check the phones to make sure they have the correct tftp address. Also, you may want to check the replication on the databases. Check the phones settings and see if both servers are shown, if so, they are cached. If all looks good, restting to factory may be the way to go to remove that information, this is if a reset does not work.

As for them resting on the pub, this is not necessarily bad or problematic, but not best practice either. Since the pub houses the DB, and is the critical piece, it is best to keep the additional load off of it.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The Publisher is probably configured as the TFTP server. The phones will attempt to register to the TFTP server if they are unable to register to their configured CCM servers.

Many times this will happen if the servers are listed by name instead of IP Address under CCMAdmin > System > Server and the phones are not able to resolve the name to IP. Or it could just be a connectivity issue to the Sub.

Check the settings of the phone to see what CallManagers are listed and whether by name or IP.