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Phsical phone registered via MRA and Mobility XML Services

James Hawkins
Level 8
Level 8


I have a customer with CUCM 11.5 along with Presence and Expressway 8.11.

They have a number of small sites which are not connected to their main network but do have an internet connection. They want to deploy phones at these sites but ideally wanted wireless models as the staff occassionally have to leave their desks for short periods.

The Cisco 8821 wireless phone does not support MRA so we would need to extend the network via site to site VPN to use those.

MRA looks like the best option but they do not want to give users Android or iPhone handsets as there are different staff at the site each day.

One option that I think could work would be to use 7841 IP phones connected via MRA and enable Single Number Reach to ring a cheap, non-smart phone. This would give them a good quality wired phone to use for most of the day and also allow them to use the cheap mobile when they need to move away from the desk.

My question about this is does MRA now support XML services on connected 7800/8800 handsets? - I would like to give the users the ability to send calls to the mobile phone and turn the feature on and off as needed.

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Chris Deren
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

XML services always worked via MRA. If the destination is CUCM i.e. extension mobility then it works with no additional changes, if the XML destination is external server then you would need to white list it on Expressway.

Thanks for the response Chris.

I am not sure that Cisco support all XML services.

For example, Cisco did not support Extension Mobility over MRA until Expressway release X8.10.4 which was released in July 2017.

I have found the link below which lists phone features supported over MRA and which phone firmware releases are required.

I think the easiest way to resolve will be to test it on the customer platform.