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mohd abdul malik

Playing message for outgoing calls

Hi Experts,


We have a requirement from one of our customers that since they are a financial institution it is necessary for them to declare that the call is being recorded.

Earlier they asked us to play the message "Your call is being recorded for quality and monitoring purpose" and with all your help we were able to achieve this by redirecting calls to the CUC before forwarding it to the phones.

Now they want to play this message whenever they make an outbound call to the customers as soon as the call is answered the message should be played and then they should start the conversation.

The customer has Be6K with CUCM ver 11.5.x.

Suggestions please as to how we can achieve this.


Chris Deren
Hall of Fame Master

Your best and most scalable option would be to create a TCL script on the egress voice gateway to play it there, I am not aware of one someone has created, but there are companies with skilled engineers that can be engaged to do that if your organization is unable to do it in house. Alternatively you could send these calls via a contact center application such as UCCE, UCCX but scalability might be an issue depending on how many port licenses you have and how many concurrent calls need to be supported.

Can use CUCM External Call Control profile.. and CURRI (Cisco Unified Routing Rules Interface).. essentially taking the routing smarts to a dedicated server.. from here you can select an announcement (from CUCM) to play before the audio is connected. Can specify particular extensions, inbound/outbound etc.


We have set this up for Financial Institutions in Australia, not sure where you are located.. As Chris mentioned, there is a need for some handy developers to code the engine.



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