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Precendence of MRGL's and Device Pools


I'm needing a little clarification on the order and precedence of MRGL's.

1. Phone (Will override MRGL assigned to Device Pool on phone)

2. Device Pool

What I'm unsure of is how gateways interact with MRGL's. Which MRGL takes precedence if a MRGL is explicitly assigned to trunk/gateway, or if a device pool is assigned to a trunk/gateway?

If there is any sort of documentation which shows call flow, that would help me out, thanks.

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Mark,

Even at the gateway level the MRGL that is defined explicitly takes precedence over the one defined in the device pool.


Say you have DP-Phone, which has MRGL-Phone assigned to it at the DP level,. This is assigned to the phone. This MRGL does not have a transcoder

You also have DP-Gateway, which has MRGL-Gateway assigned to it at the DP level. This is assigned to the gateway. This MRGL does have a transcoder

If you were to place a call which used the G.729 codec (and needed to be transcoded), I would expect the transcoder to be invoked since it's in the MRGL of the last hop. But if the transcoder was only in the MRGL of DP-Phone, would it be invoked?

Basically what I'm asking here is if multiple MRGL's are concatenated, or only the last MRGL is used.

There is no concatenation with MRGL. The device that needs the trancscoder will invoke it, if there is no xcoder in its MRGL then the call fails. 

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