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Presenting Called Party with IVR?

We're building out a prepaid calling card system using IVR instances on Voice Gateways with a modified version of the Debit Card script. The Voice Gateways communicate back to billing software via radius, and so far everything has been going great! Last week we met with the customer and were thrown a bit of a curveball. They are requesting that when the called party picks up the line they are presented with a recorded message and an option to accept or deny the call. Something like: "This is a Prepaid Call from <name>. To accept press 1. To deny press 2, or hang up." To add a bit more complexity, they do not want the calling party to be able to speak with the called party until they have accepted the call. I've been looking around at a few different ways to do this but so far I'm drawing a blank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Rolando Valenzuela

Hello fellow,

Can you provide more information like what version and systems are you using??


Also, who is supposed to trigger the call?  the system? or an agent?



Rolando Valenzuela.


Thanks so much for your reply! At the moment the current design is just using IOS Voice Gateways, both Analog-to-Digital and CUBE. The endpoints are analog and will be redirected to an IVR instance hosted on the local Voice Gateway. The modified Debit Card script collects card number, pin, etc and sends to the Billing Server via RADIUS. Once authenticated and authorized the call is allowed outbound with a maximum-duration based on funds in the account. The tricky part is once the call is picked up we need the called party presented with this Accept/Deny feature. We're actually able to layer in to this project just about anything we need. So for instance if UCCX would be the right fit we can definitely build that into the budget. 

Let me know please if there is anything else I can answer. Thanks for looking at this with us!