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Pressing messages button on phone takes call to automated attendant


I know this has been covered before but I don't seem to have the same situation as others.  I am quite new to Unity and am filling in for the regular administrator, so please bear with me.

When users press the message button, the call is sent to the automated attendant rather than to their mailbox.  I have checked the following:

  • Pilot is 9999/CSS=CSS-VM
  • VM Ports have DP=DP-LOC, CSS=CSS-LOC-Device.  Directory number Partition = PT-Voicemail, CSS=CSS-VM
  • Default VM Profile has correct pilot = 9999/CSS-VM
  • CSS-LOC-Device has selected partitions which include PT-Voicemail & PT-Internal (amongst others)
  • CSS-VM has partitions which include PT-Voicemail & PT-Internal (amongst others)
  • Phone device line is in PT-Internal and has correct VM-Profile and has CSS=CSS-LOC-Device

in Unity the user is created with the correct extension. 

There is only 1 partition and search space defined on the system and these are selected.  The partition is assigned to the search space

There are two direct routing rules:

    • Attempt Sign In
    • Opening Greeting

Conversation is selected and is set to "Attempt Sign-In"

Where else do I need to check for this to work correctly such that when the user presses the messages button it signs in to the correct mailbox and doesn't go to the automatic attendant.

Many Thanks


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Deepak Rawat
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please run Port Status monitor and see what exactly is happening on CUC side that does not trigger Attempt-sign in Action



Thanks for the response Deepak

Following is the trace received.  From this it looks as if there is possibly no user mailbox for the user.  I have definitely created one but admit I may have done it incorrectly (not sure how, but anything is possible).

03:57:05, New Call, CalledId=9999, RedirectingId=, AltRedirectingId=, Origin=16, Reason=1, CallGuid=431CCF01CFEE4F5699AACDF4BDD67FB6, CallerName=Telecom Supt, LastRedirectingId=, AltLastRedirectingId=, LastRedirectingReason=1024, PortDisplayName=icbappvx0002-1-001,[Origin=Unknown],[Reason=Direct]
03:57:05, AttemptSignIn
03:57:05, State - AttemptSignIn.cde!Dummy
03:57:05, Event is [NULL]
03:57:06, PHTransfer
03:57:06, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo
03:57:06, Event is [TrueEvent]
03:57:06, PHGreeting
03:57:06, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
03:57:06, Call answered if needed
03:57:06, Playing greeting for Call Handler: Opening Greeting
03:57:12, Event is [HangupEvent]
03:57:13, State - PHGreeting.cde!DoHangup
03:57:13, Event is [HangupEvent]
03:57:13, Idle

I do notice it plays the Opening Greeting.  I am trying to get what that actually is and if it is what the user is hearing, but the site is remote, I have to use a jump box to get in and I can't play the recorded name because the system tells me I don't have any way to play the file.  I have asked a user to listen to the files for me and feed back what they say and which one he is really getting.

Is there another way to get the files off the system?

But the real issue I suspect is the system not recognising the login.  

The user mailbox shows up in the Users page and in the mailbox stores membership page

This has never worked at the site for any user apparently but it is a system that we inherited so there could be some strange setting or file that isn't right. I'm not sure where else to look. 


Thanks to Rob too for his input.  I don't think the symptoms are identical and the trace doesn't show exactly the same things.

I have determined that this actually doesn't go to the automated attendant but plays the signin greeting which asks the user to enter their ID and PIN.  It is as if the phone is not recognised as belonging to the user.

Some more things I have checked:

See Unity_setting.png for Unity user configuration

See CUCM_User_setting.png for CUCM User configuration

The voicemail system is correctly accessible if the user enters his extension after the greeting

11:21:29, New Call, CalledId=9999, RedirectingId=, AltRedirectingId=, Origin=16, Reason=1, CallGuid=758770898CAD444BB440845A30D40B45, CallerName=Telecom Tech, LastRedirectingId=, AltLastRedirectingId=, LastRedirectingReason=1024, PortDisplayName=icbappvx0002-1-001,[Origin=Unknown],[Reason=Direct]
11:21:30, AttemptSignIn
11:21:30, State - AttemptSignIn.cde!Dummy
11:21:30, Event is [NULL]
11:21:30, PHTransfer
11:21:30, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo
11:21:30, Event is [TrueEvent]
11:21:30, PHGreeting
11:21:30, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
11:21:30, Call answered if needed
11:21:30, Playing greeting for Call Handler: Opening Greeting
11:21:34, DTMF received [4]
11:21:40, DTMF added [298#]
11:21:40, Event is [NULL]
11:21:40, PHTransfer
11:21:40, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo
11:21:40, Answer Phone if needed
11:21:40, Event is [FalseEvent]
11:21:40, State - PHTransfer.cde!CheckPlayTransferIntro
11:21:40, Event is [TrueEvent]
11:21:40, State - PHTransfer.cde!PlayTransferIntro
11:21:42, Event is [NULL]
11:21:42, State - PHTransfer.cde!XferCall
11:21:43, Event is [HangupEvent]
11:21:43, State - PHTransfer.cde!DoHangUp
11:21:43, Event is [HangupEvent]
11:21:43, Idle
11:22:00, New Call, CalledId=4298, RedirectingId=4298, AltRedirectingId=, Origin=16, Reason=4, CallGuid=92D8E3E214DE446584B92941A819A9AF, CallerName=Telecom Tech, LastRedirectingId=4298, AltLastRedirectingId=, LastRedirectingReason=4, PortDisplayName=icbappvx0002-1-001,[Origin=Unknown],[Reason=Forward No Answer]
11:22:00, AttemptForward
11:22:00, State - AttemptForward.cde!Dummy
11:22:00, Event is [NULL]
11:22:00, PHTransfer
11:22:00, State - PHTransfer.cde!LoadInfo
11:22:00, Event is [TrueEvent]
11:22:00, PHGreeting
11:22:00, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
11:22:00, Call answered if needed
11:22:00, Playing greeting for Subscriber: Test User
11:22:05, DTMF received [1]
11:22:14, DTMF added [23654#]
11:22:17, Event is [NULL]
11:22:17, PHGreeting
11:22:18, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
11:22:18, Call answered if needed
11:22:18, Playing greeting for Subscriber: Test User
11:22:26, DTMF received [1]
11:22:30, Event is [NULL]
11:22:31, PHGreeting
11:22:31, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
11:22:31, Call answered if needed
11:22:31, Playing greeting for Subscriber: Test User
11:22:31, DTMF received [3]
11:22:35, Event is [NULL]
11:22:36, PHGreeting
11:22:36, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
11:22:36, Call answered if needed
11:22:36, Playing greeting for Subscriber: Test User
11:22:40, DTMF received [3]
11:22:44, Event is [NULL]
11:22:44, PHGreeting
11:22:44, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
11:22:44, Call answered if needed
11:22:44, Playing greeting for Subscriber: Test User
11:22:48, DTMF received [1]
11:22:52, Event is [NULL]
11:22:52, PHGreeting
11:22:52, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
11:22:52, Call answered if needed
11:22:52, Playing greeting for Subscriber: Test User
11:22:52, DTMF received [3]
11:22:56, Event is [NULL]
11:22:56, PHGreeting
11:22:56, State - PHGreeting.cde!PlayGreeting
11:22:56, Call answered if needed
11:22:56, Playing greeting for Subscriber: Test User
11:22:57, Event is [HangupEvent]
11:22:57, State - PHGreeting.cde!DoHangup
11:22:57, Event is [HangupEvent]
11:22:57, Idle

Any more thoughts anybody?

Any more takers?

Rob Huffman
Hall of Fame Community Legend Hall of Fame Community Legend
Hall of Fame Community Legend

Hi LP,

Have a look at this thread where we worked through a similar problem. Maybe it might shed some light on your issue;



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