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Problem with "9"

Hi Guys,

Presently, I have X location (where CCM placed) starting DNs with 2xxx, and Y location with 1xxx.

I got proposal to a new location to X location with DNs 9XXX.

But from X location and Y location, when I press 9, I am getting connected to PSTN line.

1) I got an idea to dial new location with site code from X, Y locations. But, if I add the new location users with 9XXX in Global directory, and if X, Y locations dial, how they would be able to reach new location?

2) At new location, is it possible for them to dial internally with 9XXX?

Could you please help me to tune up this problem?




Hi Mady,

If you have Dn's with begin 9XXX, the call go PSTN if dont math in DN.

you can have DN any number, the callmanager math in DN and route patern simultaneously.

Do you understand?




1) For the Global directory ,you can config the "Telephone Number" field to be "site code + 9XXX" in the "User configuration" .

And then configure a TranslationPartten in SiteX ,for example 66.9XXX(the site code is 66)

2)it's ok to dial internally with 9XXX

for example in the CallManager routing table have 2 routepattern 91XX(match 100 patterns) and 9XXX (match 1000 patterns)

You dial 912X , CCM will use 91XX

The same way ,there are 9123 and 9!

if you dial 9123 ,DN 9123(1 match),while 9!(1000 match),so CCM will use DN 9123 to dial


Thanks for your quick response. But, I have few more doubts in my mind.

My client's requirement:

1) At Site X, Site Y (at UK)- Presently, Users are using "9" for PSTN access. If they dial the DN 9911 or 9999 of new location (in Europe), where this will go? Will to go to new location's DN number or Emergency service numbers in UK?

2) Site X, Site Y are ready to dial with site code for new location. But, internally at new site, they want to use only 9XXX. For PSTN access, they want to use some other extension

3) As Corporate directory is Global, users want only DN number in directory (without site code). If Site X, Site Y want to dial the new site code user from Corporate directory, is there a any way to change 9xxx to sitecode+9xxx and reach the destination?

Guys, I would appreciate if you clarify my doubts. Once again, thanks for your responses.



1)If the new site(Site Z) have a site code(for example 66)

from site X ,dial 9911 to reach Emergency number in UK

dial 669911 to reach the DN in site Z.

2)That's right to use other number(0,1,etc) for PSTN access,other than 9.

(so you can call 0911 to the Emergency number ,without confilcting with DN 9911)

3)For site X and Y,you can place a TranslationPattern(9XXX) in the user's CSS.

#in the translation,you set the "prefix digits(outgoing calls)" as 66(Site code).

#In the user's CSS,the partition of TranslationPattern(9XXX) must be in front of PSTN Access Partition(including 9!) ,CCM will match the frontest of the 2 partition.

Hope this could work!


Thank for your reply. I am happy to use new site with Site code. Could you please guide more clearly on 2 and 3?

2) Let suppose, if I configure 9XXX pattern in should I configure in such a way that

a) if Site X, Site Y users call 9911 & 9999, they should be transferred to UK Emergency numbers (for Site X, Site Y, "9" is the PSTN access)

b) and if new location users calls any number which starts with 9XXX they should be able to reach their internal site DN number (Will use another number PSTN access for new location)

3) In Corporate directory, Customer wants to see only DN number (9xxx with site code) for new location. If Site X and Site Y dials directory from Corporate directory, is there any way to change 9xxx to sitecode+9xxx and reach the destination?

Many Thanks,


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