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Problems Registering 2801 MGCP with CCM 5.1


I have a Call Manager 5.1 trying to establish a MGCP connection with a Cisco 2801. I think that I perform all the steps correctly, but the following message appears: Rejected. Unknown MGCP Gateway. NotEntryinDatabase. It seems that the Gateway configuration doesn?t save correctly in the Call Manager.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advanced,

Rising star

Re: Problems Registering 2801 MGCP with CCM 5.1

One common reason for this to happen is the Name defined on the CallManager is the Hostname of the router and on the Router you have an IP Domain Name configured. The way you need to define the name of CM should be hostname.+domainname.

For example:

Router Hostname is 2800

Domain Name is router.local

On CallManager you need to define this as router.local

If this is already done, can you collect the following and attach it here

debug mgcp packet

debug mgcp event

show ccm-manager all

Name defined on CM


Re: Problems Registering 2801 MGCP with CCM 5.1

I made the mistake of changing the CCM servernames to actual names, instead of leaving them as IP addresses. When you change the servers to the hostnames, rather than IP address, MGCP goes and registers it on the MGCP gateway, but then will change the MGCP parameters to the CCM hostname, rather than the IP address you specified in the router config. Unless you have defined DNS everywhere, (including the router) stay away from changing the names of the CCM servers. (forgot which page it was on, something like System/Servers or something like that)

It's funny because I had the router all setup with the correct config. MGCP would register it, then all of sudden deny it. I go into the config and see that the MGCP was changed from IP address of CCM pub and Sub to their actual hostnames. Well, the router does not resolve hostnames that great.

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