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                   I wanted to know if anybody has a sample config for a PUB and SUB solution. I am trying to design one for 300 voice mail user along with a UCCX Call center for 25 users. I was looking at the C210-M2 but I needed some advice.

Robert Thomas

I don't have a sample config to provide, CUCM fas a pletora of features for your disposal.

I don't want to make advertisement but I think one of the good resources you can use for reference to build a solution.

Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Unity Connection: A Step-by-Step Guide (2nd Edition) (Networking Technology: IP Communications) by David Bateman

Regarding the C210 part, the docwiki is the best resource I know off.

I believe Joseph is asking for assistance generating a BoM. If you're a customer I suggest reaching out to your Cisco Partner; this is what they're their for. If you're a partner there is the Partner Helpline, PDI HD, the ordering guides, and of course your Cisco Channel SE.


I was going to call Cisco partner help line but for some reason my last design I got from them was not too accurate.

I found that the USC-210 server is what I will go with and a dual processor is what I would design it but my issue is in a PUB and SUB design I will need 2 USC-210 one will be the PUB and the other will be the SUB. Trying to select what processor it hard for me. I will be using this for 250 users which will need VM and thats it. Also they wanted UCCX contact center for 25 agents. Will I need to design it with the MCS7816? or can the C210-M3 do/support the software for UCCX?

This is a good discussion for anybody who handles a PUB and SUB design. I rearly work on a PUB and SUB design so this is good thread.

If you need assistance with a design then the best place to go for advice is a Cisco partner rather than a support forum.

trying to design something your not familiar with can lead to an expensive mistake

Jaime Valencia
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

You may also try the sizing tool

I do agree with the rest of the guys, choosing the right server for what you need requires doing an analysis of requirements, and most of the time designing by datasheets is not a good idea. That's why we designed the sizing tools. The more info you input, the more accurate the outcome.

Based on the number of users you may want to use either a 5K (MCS 7828) + MCS/UCS for UCCX or a 6K solution

Cisco Business Edition 6000

As a side note, I'm with the PDI team, but we do not assist on what you're asking for. If you open a case with us, we'll route it to pre-sales (PH). Just a friendly advice as you mention you had a bad experience with PH in the past.



if this helps, please rate



if this helps, please rate

Jamie thank you so much for the sizing tool link. I did find that the B200 series would be a good fit for 250 users. To me it's an over kill as the servers support upto 7,500 users.

I do have another question tho? The 3900 series routes support upto 350 users. What would you use if the phone line will be 500 and up? the CUCM Servers?

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