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Pulling simple reports from CUCM 6.1(2) - RTMT ?

Hi all,

I used to use a plethora of SQL queries on our old CCM 3.3 to pull off reports on a monthly basis for things such as VGC details, IP Comm accounts, users with Extension Mobility etc.

Obviously v6.1 uses an Infomix (sp?) db not SQL. Is it possible to use RTMT to pull off detail for simple reports? I only need simple data such as VGC phone numbers and descriptions, users who use Ext Mob and their descriptions and numbers etc.

Thoughts appreciated.

EDIT - i have noticed that there is a plugin that might be of use? "Cisco CallManager AXL SQL Toolkit". Does this allow SQL queries to be run in the same fashion as was possible on v3.3?


Also interesting in this question

The main "CDR Reporting" tool within "CM Serviceability" will allow me to view CDR and CAR data for users (numbers dialled etc). But im still struggling to find an easy way to pull off more basic data like i used to do in SQL Query Manager on the older Windows based CallManager v3.3

All i need is to report on the use of VGC devices, their numbers and decriptions. Simple stuff like that into a .csv file really.

I understand you are not looking for traffic reports in the VGC devices but just the numbers and descriptions...try this

Bulk Administration --> Phones --> Generate Phone Reports --> Find phones where --> Device Type = Scroll down list to select Cisco VGC Phone --> Find --> Next --> Select the Device fields and Line fields that you want in the report --> click Submit

Go to Bulk Administration --> Job Scheduler--> check if job is completed

Go to Bulk Administration --> Upload/Download files --> Click Find --> select and download your file.

It's in TXT format but it is comma separated, so you can import it in exchange to get a descent report...

hope this helps


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Thanks Joel - will give this a go.

i meant to say import the .csv to excel...not exchange...typo

You see, without the typo you would have got a 5 ! :o) [Joking]

I've had a play with the reports and they seem perfect. More options than the old SQL ones tbh. Thanks Joel !

My boss siad that he want see everyday new file (up to date) with all phones there. In CCM 4 I could do this with export MSSQL into txt.

How I can do this in CUCM?

I can use Job Scheduler but how I can AUTOMATIC download needed data from CUCM?

go to Cisco Unified Serviceability --> Tools --> Serviceability archive --> It shows RTMT reports by month --> click month --> shows Daily reports --> click yesterday's date --> there are various reports --> DeviceRep _mm_dd_yyyy.pdf shows you a graph of registered phones --> this may help

I don't know if there needs to be some configuration done or not...let me know if it works...


Thanks for this great tip.  I was pulling my hair out to figure where my reports where.  Cisco help was no help.

glad to help


Hi JoeL,

One more question.  I need list of IP addresses as well with my report.  I've tried the hidden URL https://myserverIP/CCMAdmin/reports/devicelistx and I get

type Status report

message /CCMAdmin/reports/devicelistx

description The requested resource (/CCMAdmin/reports/devicelistx) is not available.

Is there any other way to display IP addreses with the phone report in CCM

System version:
Thanks for any info that you can provide.

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