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PVDM location / benefits on 4300 series router


We have been using the 2900 series voice bundled routers for a while to support our voice and UC infrastructure. We usually purchase an additional PVDM module and install on the motherboard with the existing PVDM and everything seems to work great. We are starting to move to the 4300 series routers and noticed there is only one spot on the motherboard for a PVDM and there is now a spot on the T1/E1 card for the PVDM. It looks like I can still create a pool with two PVDMs installed. The bundle comes with a 32 channel and we normally purchase an additional 64 but is there an advantage of where these sizes are placed if I am still pooling the channels? We were are thinking of moving the 32 channel from the motherboard onto the T1/E1 card and installing the 64 channel on the motherboard. This way if we remove the T1/E1 card because we move to SIP and no longer need it to support a PRI we would still have the larger amount in the system and avoid having to crack the case open. Since the 4300 platform is new I did not know if we are just being paranoid (crazy) or of we actually are getting benefits from this.



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The motherboard PVDMs are

The motherboard PVDMs are supported on all Cisco 4000 Series ISRs. They can be plugged directly into the single slot on the router motherboard or into the network interface module (NIM) that supports T1/E1 ports. A PVDM4 module plugged into the motherboard delivers IP-based voice services such as conferencing, media optimization, and transcoding only.

A PVDM4 module plugged into the T1/E1 NIM would be used for voice T1/E1 connectivity. Any excess channels can be reused toward other IP-based services supported on the motherboard slot. Enhanced DSP architecture accommodates a new packet-processing engine optimized for rich-media voice applications, while concurrently supporting the TDM-IP voice framework.



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