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QM audio folder is empty


I have Quality Manager 8.5 installed and running with UCCX 8.5 and CUCM 8.5 in a test environment. I am working on an uprgrade and trying to make sure everything is working properly in test. I've overcome a few hurdles getting it trying to get it to work and have seem to come to a problem I can't get around.

I have SQL 2008 installed. My first problem was getting the actual recordings to the server. I have seem to fixed that and my daily folder is getting the call and the size is counting up. My calls are never going to the audio folder and eventually everything disappears out of the daily folder. 

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Hi Alanrstat,

No packets were received for at least the first 15 seconds of the call:

Description. When you are monitoring an agent’s customer contact, you can hear nothing.

After 15 seconds, an error message indicates no packets are being received. Your attempt

to record the agent’s customer contact results in an empty recording. The agent’s desktop is

monitored using desktop monitoring.

Action. The following device settings are required for desktop monitoring to function

correctly in Quality Management.

NOTE: Not all devices or Unified CM versions use all these settings.

Configure those that do appear for your device and Unified CM version.

In Unified CM Administration, in the Product Specific Configuration section of the Device

Configuration screen, configure these settings:

• PC Port—Enabled. If the PC Port is not enabled, the agent PC that is connected to

the port will not have network access. No voice streams will be seen by the desktop

monitor module.

• PC Voice VLAN Access—Enabled. If the PC Voice VLAN Access is not enabled, no

voice steams will be seen by the desktop if the desktop is not a member of the same

VLAN as the phone.

• Span to PC Port—Enabled. If the Span to PC Port is not enabled, the voice streams

seen by the phone will not be seen by the desktop monitor module.

In the Device Information section of the Device Configuration screen, configure this setting

as follows:

• Device Security Mode—Non-Secure or Authenticated. If the Device Security Mode is

set to Encrypted, the voice streams can be seen but will not be converted correctly,

causing the speech to be garbled.

You must also configure the agent phones to use the G.711 or G.729 codecs. Other codecs,

such as G.722, are not supported for silent monitoring and recording.

Please refer the page 47 onwards in the below link,

Hope it helps.


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anyone resolved this issue? i would like to know whats the resolution for htis. i have all the settings metioned above for desktop recordings.

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