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QSIG Facility leaking to ISDN E1

We have a Cisco Unified Communications Manager 6.1 and a Cisco 2811 running 12.4T acting as MGCP gateway.

The Cisco 2811 as an ISDN E1 to the PSTN and a QSIG E1 to an Alcatel 4400 PBX.

When an external call (coming from the PSTN) is redirected to the Alcatel PBX and an Alcatel phone rings, the Alcatel PBX send a FACILITY message with the name associated with the Alcatel phone that is ringing.

The problem is that the CallManager / Cisco 2811 is sending that FACILITY message to the PSTN - and, in some cases (depending on the telephony service provider from where the call was originated), the call is disconnected because the ISDN switch (of the caller's telephony service provider) does not support or understand the FACILITY - even though the call gets disconnected with a 0 - Normal Call Clearing disconnect value.

Is there anyway to configure the CallManager / Cisco 2811 to drop the FACILITY message coming from the Alcatel PBX (instead of sending it out to the PSTN)?

Hall of Fame Master

You could use instead H.323 or SIP to GW, in that case you have full control on outbound IEs .


The problem is that we have a complex numbering plan, between

Cisco CallManager and the Alcatel PBX. We could have MGCP for the E1 to the Alcatel PBX and H.323 for the E1 to the PSTN but we would prefer to avoid having MGCP and H.323 running on the same router/gateway.

Is there any Service Parameter we can change on the CallManager or some command, for H.323, that could also work for MGCP on the gateway?


WIth MGCP any control is remove from router, so if CM doesn't support something, there is no way you can do it.

That is one reason why H.323 or SIP are superior protocols.

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