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Questions about CME on 2921

>1 Cisco Voice bundeled 2921 router with CME and CUE

Cisco IOS Software, C2900 Software (C2900-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.0(1)M4 RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

>Processor board ID FHK1447F2C7

>3 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

>1 terminal line

>8 Voice FXO interfaces

>1 Internal Services Module (ISM) with Services Ready Engine (SRE)

>Cisco Unity Express 8.0.2 in slot 0

>2 Offices

>2 analog pstn trunks

>2 Trunk groups for 2 Offices

>1st trunk of 6 lines with one phone number i.e. 1111116

>2nd trunk of 2 lines with one phone number i.e. 1111117

>13 IP phones at 1st office

>14 IP phones at 2nd office

>IP Phones types: 7965, 7942, 7911

(if any further detailes required please mention)

Question 1:

For 2nd trunk users client want to configure trunk over flow that is if there 2 lines are busy they can go out to PSTN through the first trunk. How i can configure that??

Question 2:

How to configure voicemail in CUE?? If can provide any implemented blueprint.

Question 3:

We were reseting phones, during that one of IP Phones i.e. 7942 is stucked on updating with displaying MAC address on screen. How to resolve that issue??

Question 4:

There is a call drop issue in first office like as phone rings the call is drop in the mid of first ring, This issue can be due to??

I am CCNP certified but being part of System Integrators i am working on Cisco IPT. So please help me in Cisco Voice World.

I will place further questions later.

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