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Questions regarding "show risdb query phone" ?

we are running CUCM 7.1.5.

This "show risdb query phone" command shows unregistered, registered, and rejected devices.

Is there any query that will show phones that are in Unknown status?

also, is there a time interval or storage limit for how far back the "show risdb query phone" will show data?

the reason i'm asking is that there are devices in my system that have been last registered about 3 months ago, but this query does not show this device's last registration date in the "show risdb query phone" output.  the oldest record i see when using this query is about 20 days old.

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I'm afraid not, the UNKNOWN status means that the RIS data collector service was not able to pull anything from that phone, and since you are querying the RIS DC service then there is no data.




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Indeed, unknown/none state does not show in RIS.

RIS will show the phones as unregistered for up to 24 hours, after that it moves into none state and is no longer reported. 

If you are on CUCM 12+ you can see "Last seen" status of the device in CUCM or database, this would show last registration date. If you are on older version there is nowhere you can see that except for looking through logs/etc.


Chris got any doc that goes over the 24 hour period. I thought this only changed to unknown after the RISDB services was restarted itself. 



The default is actually 3 days, not 1 day, minimum is 1 day (my mistake).  This is controlled by the "RIS Unused Cisco CallManager Device Store Period" Cisco RIS data Collector service parameter. It's definitely not since last restart, as I've written some tools to pull this information, somehow I recalled 24 hours, but again default is 72 hours.  Here is definition of this parameter:


"This parameter specifies the RIS database information storage period for any unregistered or rejected device information from the Cisco CallManager service. After the time specified in this parameter expires, Cisco CallManager removes the expired entries during the next RIS database cleanup time (specified in the RIS Cleanup Time of the Day parameter)

  This is a required field.
  Default: 3
  Minimum:  1
  Maximum:  30
  Unit: day"

Thanks for follow up. Great +5 follow on changes my idea of the subject.  I  have followed Paul Giralts python scripts to pull RIS DB status via api. Fun stuff.


I think where my understanding of the RIS restart came from is that even if I leave this at the default of 72 hours and the RIS dbservice is restarted that original information would be removed so the if a phone was unregistered within that time period that information was lost. I could be wrong about that mechanism but I know I have had issue where RIS db was restarted and phones that were once unregistered were listed as unknown afterwards.