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"mode border-element license capacity" - command


Hi everyone,

"mode border-element license capacity" - do I really need it on my CUBE?

I have purchased 200 licenses, and everything seems to be working fine without this command.

Wondering if one needs it to be hardcoded and what is the purpose of this command?



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Aaron Harrison
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I've never used that command. I presume it's new, i.e. a first step towards enforcing the licensed amount of connections. 

Currently it's honour based, you don't actually load a license, and if you happen to 'burst' over the 25 channels you bought then you'd never notice or care. I guess this would prevent the 26th call in that scenario...


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  By default, will the cube disconnect the 26th call if I am not using the above command?

have you ever tested this scenario?




Hi Ruterford,

 this command enables the use of the 'show cube status' command. It's new in version 15.2(1)T.


Hope this helps.


So it does :-) (+5)

There's a disappointing amount of information available in that command according to the docs though?

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I agree Aaron Harrison,

 the docs about this command are not as clear as it should be, but I start to use it because of the 'show cube status' command.


A bit of updated info from an April 2018 doc that incorporates the mode border-element command:


"show cube status 

Displays the CUBE status, the software version, the license capacity, the image version, and the platform name of the device. The CUBE status display is enabled only if the mode border-element command is configured with call license capacity."

Device# show cube status

CUBE-Version : 10.0.1
SW-Version : 15.4.2.T, Platform 3845
HA-Type : none
Licensed-Capacity : 200

Unfortunately that isn't clear on whether the value specified in the command actually limits the number of calls across the CUBE. Can anyone point to a doc which confirms if it does or doesn't?

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