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"Resource unavailable, unspecified" for PSTN inbound


This is a new VoIP site at Manila. The issue occured intermittenly from the day one then became hard down in two weeks. The symptom is that local users get busytone upon answering PSTN calls. I have been worked with at least three TAC Engineers and we have tried IOS upgrade, enable MTP on UCM, hard code the G711ulaw for UCM dialpeers. It was deemed working fine during test while I was on the phone with last TAC. However it broke again on the second day. It is extremy frustrating since it has been on and off for five weeks and no one has any clues why it happens. Hope someone here is able to provide help. Thanks.

The debug for isdn q931, ccapi inout, h225 asn1 and h245 asn2 is attached.

Here is the symptom in details for this test call - the call rang the IP phone 465-9120 and as soon as i answered it, the busytone kicked in and at same time, there a second call coming in and ringing same IP phone. I hanged up the first call to answer the second call then got busytone as well.


Jessica Wang

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From the logs I can see that you are using "fast start" on your h323 gateway...With fast start here is the media negotiation process

1. Gateway sends OLC in setup

2. Gateway then sends setup--h225

3. CUCM sends its own OLC in the connect phase

4. At this point RTP flow between gateway and endpoint

5. TCS is then performed by both devices as normal...

From your trace...Here are  the obvious things

1. Gateway sends OLC in wants to do fast start

2. CUCM does not send OLC in Connect and does not send OLC at all

3. CUCM disconnects the call (disconnect is on callid=337  which is the CUCM leg)

My suggestions:

1. Turn off fast start on the gateway and test to see how it behaves..

2. Enable detaiul traces on cucm and take the traces. Send the CUCM traces herre so we can see whats going on on CUCM side.

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Thanks so much for reply.

the running-config has been attached. Under voice service, the 'call start fast' is not present. Could you please advise how to disable it?

The statement below were added by one of TAC Engineer. He also tried to enable 'Fast start' on UCM side but test call failed after these changes -

  h245 tunnel disable

  h245 timeout olc 20

  h245 timeout tcs 10


Jessica Wang