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Bill Brown

R6025 - pure virtual function call


Errors and call drops, since moving over to Windows 7 SP1 64bit from Windows XP SP3 32bit

Error: C++ R6025 - pure virtual function call

Drops: Users have two lines, an extension and an ICD extension, if a call is active on a extension when they get an ICD call and go to either hold the first caller or just answer the incoming, ICD call gets dropped.  Sometimes phone just shuts down with a headset disconnected message and sometimes without a message.


Windows 7 SP1 computers

Logitech H340 (Happens with this headset or much more often with it.  Oddly enough a different brand headset seems to encounter this issue 100 times less.  Can cause more frequent if user, uses the answer button in a line.)

IPCommunicator 8.6.2  (8.6.3 can't log onto a phone using Extension Mobility Service.  Nothing under services.)

Cisco Unified CM Administration, System version

Cisco Unified CCX Administration, System version


I'm hoping that someone else has already found a work around.  Please help if you can.



Bill Brown

User's damaging USB plugs and USB ports was my main issue.  Causing the communicator to close and users to lose calls.  I really wish USB had been made sturdier.  Even in 10.5 I still occasionally here about the R6025 error.  My solution is to have users move their headset to a different USB port or replace their headsets.  I have notice that Windows does not always load a valid driver for headsets and sometimes switching ports will cause it to reload the correct driver.  Shutting down the communicator mid call because of a headset disconnect is a poor programming design.  Perhaps a pop up that say your headset has been disconnected?  Allow the user to transfer the call back to the operator?  Obviously Cisco feels that dropping calls is ok.


As for version 8.6.3 and up not showing my  extension mobility service.  It only shows services that have a Secure-Service URL.  Mine at the time only had Service URLs.  Not sure why the switch, but I had played around with a test service until I realized what was happening.  Prior phones would show two services if both URLs were populated.

Hope this helps someone else in the future.

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