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Reboot loop after firmware upgrade

I have set up a very basic lab with new install of CUCM. It is single publisher with CUCM and have just registered a 6941 and attempted to upgrade the firmware but the phone gets stuck in a loop.

I have tried installing 69xx-SIP.9-2-2-7 (current on 9-2-1-0) and after installing, checking device defaults have updated and restarting the TFTP my phone gets stuck in a loop rebooting. It boots up, downloads and install the new firmware, then reboots and downloads and install the old firmware and then repeats this loop infinitely. I have tried 9-4-1-3 and same issue happens (tried this first but then read that some phones have to go incrementally so tried 9-2-2-7).

Have tried messing around with device defaults and specifying the firmware on the actual device configuration for that phone. At times I have managed to get the phone booted up with the newer firmware actually loaded on it but the phone never registers again until I roll back the firmware on CUCM and reboot everything.

Only potential issue I can think of is I am currently using the alternate TFTP setting on the phone to point to TFTP/CUCM as I haven't got round to setting up a DHCP server as the solution I have currently needs some extra config to offer TFTP options so figured just for this I would be fine with manually configuring on the phone itself. The phone works fine otherwise just can't upgrade, am I missing something?


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Did you try also putting the firmware on the phone load name?


I don't think pointing manually to the TFTP has something to do with this. I will assume CUCM server with it is registered is also TFTP server.

It is a direct upgrade to 9-4-1-3 from any 9.X version (check documentation below)

I would ask if you are trying to upgrade with COP file or ZIP file.

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Hi, yes did try changing the

Hi, yes did try changing the load name for the specific phone and still had issues.

I am using the cop files for install.

The TFTP is the publisher.

My previous experience is from live systems and this is first time I have gone through deployment of CUCM so I wonder if I am maybe missing some other things that need upgrading or configuring after install? Are there any CUCM updates or dependencies the firmware upgrade might need? As far as I could see the 6941 firmware I am trying is compatible with 7.5+ or somewhere around that version of CUCM.


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