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Recents Softkey on 78XX series SIP phones

Anil Sharma

hi Team,


we are using 7821 series phones, and on the phone there is a New Softkey "Recents" this key doesn't appear in Softkey configurations layout so can't be removed. While doing some search found that it is a Bug.


My question is:

If I press "Recents" Softkey it shows the previous dialed number (like Call History) however the strange party is if I pickup the phone while on Recents screen, it automatically dials the number. Has anyone encountered this before, Is there a way we can stop it to auto dial ?


Appreciate your inputs .



Anil Sharma.





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Mohammed al Baqari
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VIP Advisor

Is this for CME or CUCM?

Sorry, I should have mentioned its CUCM 10.5.2

I did a research since this is new to me and concluded that it can't be disabled as this is builtin feature in the phone code.


Sorry for this.


Why don't you try downgrading the phone firmware to resolve the bug.

Alright Mohammed, I will pass this on to my customer.


I understand Cisco will be working on Bug to get an option of add/remove "Recents" from Soft key configuration layout.


However will they be also working on stop auto dialing , do you know ?



Anil Sharma

Not heard about disabling it.

You are right Mohammed, Recents is added in latest firmwares & most of the phones are already shipped with latest firmware so can't do anything with those. (i think)

Found one phone with little older firmware which didn't have this key. But for consistency I have to upgrade that one too.



You can downgrade the firmware of the phone. Download the previous version e.g. 10.2(2). Upload the image to your CUCM (From OS administration). Change device defaults in CUCM administration to the name of the downgraded image and reset your 7821 phones.


Just make sure that you verify the downgrade/upgrade paths using firmware release notes.

It is not mandatory to stay on the latest firmware neither recommended.


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I also have a Details softkey on the Connected call state that I cant remove or reposition, my customer want it moved in place of Transfer but cant see how, anyone know if this is also part of the firmware?


Anyone have a solution to remove this softkey "Details" ??


Found by changing services provisioning setting within the device page fixes this, device was a 7841.

Hi Kyle, is this what you changed ? 

By default it's enabled in the phone settings, can be disabled by going to the phone itself, look for Recents Softkey and disable it

Hi Anil,

Did you ever find out if there is a way to stop the auto dialing when a number is highlighted in "Recents" tab


regarding downgrading the firmware I believe these phones are coming with updated Firmware, However I will cross verify.

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