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Register Cisco Phone from remote locations

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Level 1

I have a UC560 with PRI for voice and data at primary site. There are 2 remote sites which connect to the primary site with mpls and the data network is routable between all three sites.

Can I deploy IP phones at the remote sites and register to the UC560 at the primary site?

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Sivakumar Shanmugam
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Yeah,if you got reachability to CUCM you can install Cisco Phone.



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I can access the Call Manager Express which is on the data VLAN but not the UnityExpress on the voice VLAN. Do I need to setup the voice VLAN at remote sites? The remote sites are small and less than 10 users.

Robert Thomas
Level 7
Level 7

Keep in Mind CUE uses a weird IP Unnumbered setup for the Voice Mail, just make sure to advertise the IP Address of the Service Engine over the MPLS network for the remote side be able to reach the voice mail module.

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Level 1


That is possbile. Just be carreful with QoS for the RTP and Signaling. More info here:

Regaring the CUE issue have in mind that you need to reach from the ip hpone ip addres to the ip address of the CUE and need to setup the allow connections on voice service voip.

Also, if you are using g729 yo will need to have the transcoder enabled when the phones use the CUE (g711)

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Marcelo czerewacz

The remote IP phone is not registered to UC560. I can ping the remote phone IP from UC.

The remote phone can ping the CME ip and data vlan IP on the UC.


Is the phone at the remote site using DHCP

Has the DHCP got the TFTP server option 150 set to point at the UC560.



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The phone is using DHCP and the TFTP server is set to the UC560.  Is there any access list on the UC560 that prevents connectivity from remote?

The remote phones work except for 7931. How can I fix the image for 7931?