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replacing 2811 Wan Interface BRI U with 4331 requiring voice and data

I am replacing a 2811 2 port BRI with integrated NT1 and U interface with a 4331. Initially we were advised to use a 

NIM-2BRI-NT/TE 2-Port BRI Network Interface Module. We found this device only supports voice. We require Data or Voice and Data. This is not a voice ckt. We are using for out of band backup.  Once we advised Cisco that we need a data interface module, they recommended the NIM-2BRI-S/T DATA BRI Module. This module however has an S/T interface with requires an external NT1 device. I am trying to find if there is a 1 or 2 port ISDN BRI U Data Module for the 4331. I do not want to have to purchase an external device since we then have to provide support and maintenance for another device. Can anyone help me?

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