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Replacing RingCentral with Cisco hardware

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Our company has a dozen phones with RingCentral and I am considering purchasing our own system as I understand it should be cost effective in the long run.  We own our IP phones that we use with RingCentral and they are Cisco, so I thought it would make sense to go with a Cisco system over all.

I found the UC 560 and it seems like it might work for us, but I'm not sure.

We expect to place the system at a collocation site and use Cisco phones remotely (some in locations with more than one phones, others in locations with just one).  In essence, we'd like to replace Ringcentral with the purchase of our own system and SIP trunking.  What is the best, most economical way of accomplishing this?

Thank you in advance for your assistance and responses.


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paolo bevilacqua
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The UC560 is a very good system and will do what you say, however the most important thing, please take no offense, is that as end user, you are not in a good position to design and configure it. It is not a friedly system and is not designed or supported tfor self-installations. So you will have to locate first an reputable consultant or UC certified Cisco partner, that way you will achieve sure and fast results and avoid many costly mistakes and frustration.

Thank you for your response.  Would a base UC560 when correctly configured do the job (i.e., allow cisco phones to directly remote connect via internet) or would other hardware or software upgrades be needed?  Is the UC560 the right system for this or is there another Cisco system that would be better?

Yes it will work becasue there are some Cisco phones that have their own SSL VPN to connect, however since teleworkers also need data access to company network, I recommend to install a VPN router to each remote location for best results.

The UC500 does all what one needs, the only limitation is that doesn't have latest CME software like the ISR G2 router, but since it comes with everything already, it also simplifies the solution. Then Cisco will release the update CME software at a later time.

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Hi Richard, this is Ben from RingCentral. We are sorry to hear you'd like to leave! If there is anything at all we can do to improve the quality of your RC service, let us know. We'd be happy to help. You can email us at

Otherwise, best of luck!