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Requesting Upgrade Advice/Opinions for CUCM

Kelly Dodd

Looking for advice, opinions, experience on the necessity to upgrade to the latest Call Manager release.

The current setup:

UCM v6.1.2.1000-13
1 Publisher, 2 Subscribers
All are Cisco 7825H3's (HP), Xeon 3050@2.13GHz, 2GB memory, 160GB Sata HDD's.
O/S version 2.4.21-47.ELsmp
1318 phones - 79xx models. skinny
313 ATA's (mostly 186's, some 188's)
30+ Gateways (MGCP)
H.323 Gateway H.225 2
Voice Mail Port SCCP 63

Unity v 7.0.2 with failover
2 virtual Windows Server 2003 SP2

VMWare v3.5

Voice Gateway 3745 v12.4.(15) T11 / H.323
WAN/LAN consists of Metro-E's, T1, DSL's.
Remote routers are usually Cisco 2851,2821, 2801, 1760 and 8xx models.
Switches Cisco 35xx, 29xx, 3002 VPN hardware clients.
Cisco 3745 v12.3(14)T7
Cisco C6509-E v12.2.33 SXH3

Primary DNS Server 2008, secondary DNS Server 2003.

The current UCM cluster has been in production for almost 3 years.

The cluster has operated without major problems during this period.  The only hardware incident was a memory module went bad.

The majority of the IP phones have been purchased and deployed.

What are the advantages to moving to UCM V8.x on a virtual server?

I would envision installing/building the new version on a vm server and then importing the existing data.

Can UCM 8 run on VMware 3.5, or do I have to stick with a Cisco product?

Will the affected routers and switches need the IOS to be upgraded to a recent version?

Any other thoughts, experiences you can provide.


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Brad Martin

CUCM 8.x is only supported on Cisco hardware (UCS B or C series) and only with vmware ESXi (version 4 or greater).

This document has lots of info on virtualization:

I used this document to help size servers :

The upgrade procedure is documented pretty well on Cisco support site, but I think you would need to upgrade in place to 8.x before you can move to virtual environment. Or at least to 7.1.x and then do a bridge upgrade.

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