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Restoring 7.0(1) Subscriber



We are having a subscriber and a publisher. We have the backup taken of both the Publisher and Subscriber. We want to change the hard disk to higher capacity on the subscriber so we have to rebuild the subsciber with the exact version of the call manager that Publisher is running. All is fine. But after building the cal manager in the subscriber do i need to restore the Subsciber backup to this or it is not necessary to restore the subscibe backup as it Will  automatically take all the configs from the publisher ?

Thank you!

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David Hailey

As long as the server is healthy after it is added back to the cluster, it will receive the DB info from the Publisher.


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Thanks David,

Can you please explain in which scenario we will then restore the subscriber backup to the subscriber. And why do we take the backup of the subscriber?? if it gets the database from the publisher?

This answer can get pretty involved so I'll try to keep it short. Essentially DRS has a master agent (Publisher) and each cluster node has a local agent that gets automatically activated when you set up DRS.  The Pub can then do cluster-level backups and write data to a few .xml files that can be referenced to restore an entire cluster, if need be.  What I'd recommend is that you read this guide on DRS but focus on the restore scenarios:

What you'll find is that there is a scenario for restoring a Subscriber BUT it requires that you've also restored the Publisher.  So, if you had to do that anyway then you'd likely be doing a cluster-level recovery (i.e., major issue occurred).  If you have a single node that you want to restore, you can re-add it to the cluster and it will receive DB and other info as part of replication and etc.


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