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RFC 2833 - SIP: Internal Error (RTP Inactivity Error)

Hey guys,


I've been troubleshooting a DTMF issue I have. While doing a "debug voip rtp session named-event" I came across a message I'm not familiar with:

112208: Feb 18 22:10:28.352: %VOICE_IEC-3-GW: SIP: Internal Error (RTP Inactivity Error): IEC= on callID 10146948 GUID=F5072E6EB7B911E48AE0D4AE528B9ED9


I see this at the end of the typical named-event debugs for DTMF like the one shown bellow. Anyone have any idea what this means? 


111948: Feb 18 22:10:17.684:          s=VoIP d=DSP payload 0x65 ssrc 0x5FA41147 sequence 0x2F23 timestamp 0x222E0

111949: Feb 18 22:10:17.684:  <<<Rcv> Pt:101    Evt:3       Pkt:0A 00 50


Some basic info:

Call flow: SCCP Phone -----> CUCM --SIP-->CUBE ---->SIP Provider

Codec: g729br8

DTMF Relay on CUBE: rtp-nte

CUCM is injecting IOS Software MTP on the SIP Trunk to CUBE. Running this debug on the IOS gateway I can see DTMF events, but I don't see the RTP inactive error.


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