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Ring-back Tone


I have this problem, A PBX user places a call to an Cisco IP phone, and does not hear a ringback tone before the call is answered. The cisco call manger is 6.0 version and the H.323 gateway is the 3545 pri gateway. What can I do ?. A Cisco IP phone user place a call to PBX user, and tone ringback is heard.



This could be attributed to the fact that the gateway was unable to determine the progress-indicator in the call setup and consequently could not cut-through the audio befor the call was answered.

You could try a couple of commands on the gateway:-

Initially configure the 'voice call send-alert' in global.

If this does not appear to working the configure the following commands on the incoming call-leg dial-peer. These generally hidden commands.

progress_ind setup enable 3

progress_ind alert enable 8

progress_ind progress enable 8



thanks allan.thomas, but this commands are avalaible in the Cisco 3545 PRI Gateway ?

Apologies for the delay, the information that I have provided in most cases will resolve ringback issues on call-legs between IOS gateways and PBX.

When you mentioned that you had ringback issue, I overlooked the fact that it was not in relation to IOS gateway.


HI ricardo, have you solve this issue? couse i have the same?, there´s one difference, i have a gateway 2600 series. Could you help me please?

Have you engaged the MTP in the CUCM by checking the checkbox in the gateway configuration page?


hi MK

i already did, but don´t work jet. any idea?

thanks for yor help.

What kind of PBX do you have? Is it connected to a Cisco router? If so, make sure you have the "progress ind setup 3" command under the dial-peer in the router connected to the PBX.


Hi MK thanks for your help.

i have this scenario:

a PBX Alcatel with a link  E1 QSIG to Cico Router  2620, and the Gateway is registered as H323 gateway at CCM 6. And i already configured "progress ind setup 3" under dial-peer voip. So is there a parameter tha i must to change at the CCM?.

best regards

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